Amazing Grace Movement

Welcome and thank you for supporting the "Amazing Grace" movement. 


Do you feel the energy of Earth?  Do you feel lethargic, drained, low energy? That's because we are all interconnected with the Earth and vibrate from this source.  When the energy of the Earth is low humans are affected and vice versa. This negative energy affects all of Earth's Kingdoms, not just us. It is our responsibility to create change. This change can be shifted by simply playing a song "Amazing Grace" as a collective.  It's time to go outside ourselves and ask for help. 


This movement is created to help raise the vibration of Earth for all humanity. 


Our founder is an Angel Communicator, she's received many angelic messages over the years including introducing people to their guardian angels. 


This message was given to her and a handful of other lightworkers. The goal, to deliver this 911 message to all humanity. We would like you to be the conduit and participate.

The message: 


If more than half of the World's population plays the song "Amazing Grace" once in the morning and again at night, preferably, one male and one female artist. As you sing along with the music, you are surrendering and asking the Divinity for help to change the vibration of Earth. 


At the point when we are at an approx 60% collective the Divinity will intervene and change the energy of Earth which will bring us into a new world.


This may sound far-fetched however it's Not. Unfortunately, we have passed the point to do this on our own. The Angelic message received is a huge gift from the Divinity and we ask you to appreciate and embrace it by simply following the instructions.  Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future.


Kindle Edition

A story of a woman who's an Angel communicator/healer. She has a beautiful basset hound named Wilbur. Wilbur is her world, he’s also the mascot for her business.